Go! in the Gelre Hospital, Apeldoorn
Allround in the Amsterdam ArenA
CELO recessed at BDO in Nijmegen
S-Sense at Tavern De Watermolen in Velp

The emergency lighting specialist

Famostar supports you in advising, designing, installing, maintaining and managing emergency lighting installations for any project. Over fifty years of experience is combined with a wide range of high-quality products and services. Famostar offers you tailor-made solutions based on current product and technological developments and knowledge about emergency lighting. Famostar operates worldwide in many countries using a network of local agencies and sales channels.

Key words which reflect our business are: solution-oriented, creative, practical, dynamic, knowledge-driven and committed.

The ideal LED-based project solution

Famostar proudly presents the Go! and CELO product families. This range of modern, solid, versatile and economical luminaires makes LED tech-nology suitable for any project.

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The new Nightlife

The escape route does not end at the emergency exit. Nightlife combines emergency lighting with effective security lighting for outdoor use.
Meet the new design and features...

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LED-based project solution

Combine the Go! and CELO product families to create a complete sustainable LED-based project solution: escape route lighting and signage in a uniform, professional and streamlined design. Ideal for offices and the hospitality, education and care sectors.
Famostar’s 80-20 rule

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The standard warranty period is 2 (luminaires without ATS) or 4 years (luminaires with ATS or a central power supply). The warranty conditions are included as part of Famostar’s General Terms and Conditions.

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Flash Alert

Go! is the first Famostar product to be equipped with Flash Alert™ Technology, which makes the sign light up more brightly during emergencies. In the event of power failures, this flash technology draws attention to the sign, so that people will recognise and take the escape route.
The new way of evacuation in emergency